Dolphin sex

dolphin sex

Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more hilarious pet videos! Want to license this video? Email us at licensing. But dolphins, surely, wouldn't engage in such disgusting behavior, right? Look at their little faces! How do dolphins have sex, anyway? Magical rainbows. Yes, I am perfectly aware there are many kinds of sex fetishes out there. There are people who are aroused by feet, shoes, and even shoelaces. But dolphins?

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School leavers Being an actor, singer or athlete is no longer a child's number one career choice Young people in Britain have shunned the classic career options when it comes to deciding what they want to be when they grow up. You are instead advised to try to find a beach where dolphins live. Why would female dolphins want to make conception difficult? Video Loading Video Unavailable. The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins. Photograph by Brian Skerry, National Geographic. Whale-watchers horrified to witness fishermen harpoon two orcas. dolphin sex

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